Reboot Camp with David Koechner


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Reboot Camp with David Koechner

As crypto and NFTs move closer and closer to mainstream adoption, it’s not a surprise to discover names you might know getting into the game. Our friends at Mogul Productions are releasing a unique NFT set featuring deleted scenes from a major motion picture, along with access to a red carpet event in Hollyweird.

Joining us today is David Koechner, an actor who you will recognize from the hit TV show, The Office, the Anchorman films and a number of other tv shows and movies. Acting as the audience ombudsman with many questions about crypto and yet finding himself in this new wild, wild west, this could be a great episode to introduce blockchain to your friends and family.

These are exciting times as we find ourselves in the thick of covering this new frontier and we get to meet all kinds of interesting people. Come along as we speak with the man many know as Todd Packer on episode #548 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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