The BIG Week Ahead, Sales Process Shift, Retail = Personal and Pizza


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It’s a big week for the Retail Auto Industry as the 2023 NADA Show is coming in hot and we’re making sure no one is left out! We’ll give you the plan as we also talk about the return of salesmanship, as well as how some retailers are dropping gems for Dealers to pick up.

  • Let’s talk about the NADA schedule for everyone who can and can’t make it this year. ASOTU coverage will be comprehensive on the ground.
    • Why is it so important to the industry? Dealers, Partners, Make Meetings, etc
    • Wed - Arlington ASOTUx Venue
    • Thurs - JD Power, AN Retail Forum, ATA, NADA Party, AWA Awards
    • Fri - Ribbon cutting, floor open, education,
    • Sat - New Chair, Time Dealer of the Year
    • Sun - Wrap ups and recharge
  • Industry veterans sound off on the quickly evolving changes to the sales process, namely, a return to ‘selling’ as the effects of returning inventory are quickly setting in.
    • Adam Robinson
    • Daniel Goaver
    • David Kain

  • For our last story today we could tell you something about Hertz EV partnership in Denver, or that Tesla Superchargers are moving one step closer to being available for all EV drivers, but instead, we think it’s more helpful to start your week off and end this show with talking about what some progressive retailers are doing
    • This week at the NRF Big Show, Shawn Wilkinson, e-commerce program manager for personalization at Dick’s Sporting Goods, talked about how he led the e-comm department to launch a project of customizing emails to match the interests of the people who were browsing and not converting: aka, intentional personalization
    • Emails had been very general and he implemented a policy of numerous, small tests to see what worked
    • “Art of the Possible” initiative which involved numerous ‘scrappy’ tests to see what worked and then doubled down on those
      • Get cross-functional buy-in within the enterprise;
      • Think of a mission statement and vision;
      • Set clear KPIs to measure success, iterate and demonstrate the value of the program to get further executive buy-in.
    • Home Improvement Retailer, Lowe’s might just be the next desired location for your kid’s next birthday party as the chain is testing its “Build a Birthday” concept at 10 locations in Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah
      • Modeled after its successful Saturday workshop program
      • Kids as young as 5 and parties as large as 20
      • “Parents will have the option of having Lowe’s provide pizza, drinks and desserts from Domino’s along with party favors such as t-shirts, water bottles and backpacks.“

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