Real talk with Steve Greenfield, Kyle Pushes Back, 2023 Is Full of Opportunity


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We’re one full week into the new year, and we got Steve Greenfield of Automotive Ventures joining the show to talk about the predictions he made for 2022 and how things actually turned out. Then, we’ll look ahead to 2023 with 10 bold predictions for the coming year.

Re-watch the Year End Extravaganza here:

  • The Automotive Ventures Intel Report for January was released last week, and Steve Greenfield graded his predictions for 2022.
    • #1: Lithia Becomes Largest Dealer In the US; Changes Name to Drive Grade: B-
    • #2: 2022 will be the Year of The Connected Car Grade: A
    • #3: Widespread Commercial Autonomy on the Street Grade: F
    • #4: More Scrutiny of China Grade: A
    • #5: 2022 will be the Year of EV Charging Infrastructure Grade: A
    • #6: Compliance Coming Grade: B
    • #7: Dealers Awarded Points for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Grade: F
    • #8: 2022 will be the Year of Corporate Divestitures Grade B
    • #9: Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) Gains Traction Grade B
    • #10: Test for Build-To-Order Grade B
  • The Intel Report also included predictions for 2023
    • #1: Reynolds and Reynolds is Acquired
    • #2: Tekion Acquired by
    • #3: Carvana Acquired by Amazon
    • #4: AutoTech Valuations Reset
    • #5: Dealership Valuations Drop
    • #6: Dealerships Focus on Cost Reduction
    • #7: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Goes Mainstream
    • #8: Next Wave of AutoTech: Process Automation
    • #9: Consolidation of Mobility Companies
    • #10: Private Equity (PE) Acquires Public Companies

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