Ram’s Revolution, Cheaper Teslas, Delta’s Free Wi-Fi


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We’re burning around the corner on Thursday as we review Ram’s entry into the EV Truck market. We also cover dramatic pricing changes for Tesla, as well as Delta’s plan to (finally) give free wi-fi to all passengers.

  • As Ford continues to make as many Lightnings as they can, and GM is getting ready to start making pumping out Silverado EVs, Ram has finally called their shot at CES yesterday with the reveal of their EV pickup, the Revolution 1500
    • Features include electric motors on front and rear axles, barn door tailgate extender, midgate options that allow you to add jumpseats, 4” more cabin length that the existing model, a steering wheel that retracts into the dash when in autonomous mode, suicide doors removing the b pillar, powered frunk, 360 cameras instead of side mirrors, tons of interior tech and…
    • …the truck will follow its owner around like a loyal dog and will charge itself with a roomba like device once parked in the garage
    • “Brutiful” is the word Ralph Gilles, Stellantis design chief used as he credited designer Mark Trostle with combining the words brutal and beautiful.
  • It their first major move by Tesla since appointing Tom Zhu, to oversee global output and deliveries, Tesla has cut prices for its Model Y and Model 3 cars in China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia in an effort to boost demand for output from its Shanghai factory, which is the company's single largest production hub.
    • A Model 3 costs almost 30% less in China than it is in the US market with a starting price around $33k
    • Last month, Elon Musk said interest rates had impacted the affordability of all types of cars and that Tesla may lower its prices in order to maintain growth in sales volume.
    • The cuts also come days after Beijing ended a subsidy program
    • After the price cut the Model 3 is now the same price as competitor BYD's best-selling Han EV
  • Delta Airlines is leaning into their CX by offering FREE wi-fi to all passengers starting on Feb 1st.
    • About 80% of Delta’s domestic fleet will offer the service next month, but it will become available on more each week, CEO Ed Bastian said during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday.”
    • The company has invested over $1B in the program and has partnered with T Mobile
    • They are also installing new entertainment systems that will track passenger preferences across flights and even remember where you were in a movie
    • Other integrations with will through their AmEx credit card and booking platform Resy which will coordinate other things like food and ground transportation seamlessly
  • WE SEE YOU: John Frazier, Service Director at Paulding CDJR in

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