Quick Shot EV Updates, Nuclear Fusion Working, Tiktok As A News Source


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Thursday is full of surprises as we update you on several EV ongoings. We also talk about the long awaited success of nuclear fusion (yep), as well as Tiktok being a growing source of news…but not from traditional sources.

  • Weekly EV update:

    • Toyota is set to announce detailed changes to its electric vehicle (EV) strategy to key suppliers early next year, as it seeks to narrow the gap with Tesla and BYD on price and performance
      • Involves possible plans for the succession of its three year old e-TNGA platform which was a compromise to manufacturer EVs on the same assembly lines as gasoline powered vehicles
      • e-TNGA was developed on the assumption of making 3.5M EVs per year which has now more than tripled
    • Mazda has announced that its upcoming 2024 Mazda CX-90 will be its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the US
      • The CX-90 is thought to be based on the European-produced CX-60, which is propelled by an inline-four engine combined with an electric motor
      • The CX-60 can drive 35 miles on electric only and would get a combined mpg of 157 miles
    • Rivian and Mercedes-Benz have put their plans to co-develop multiple new electric delivery vans on pause
      • Rivian is concerned about spending large amounts of money on an expensive new vehicle development project amid a slowing economy
      • Mercedes-Benz will continue with its plans to scale up electric vehicle production at its manufacturing site in Poland.
      • Rivian stock bumped 10% on the original agreement and subsequently lost it with this new announcement
  • With all this talk about clean energy, nuclear fusion was feeling left out so it announced a huge breakthrough this week: net energy gain

    • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced a breakthrough in controlled-fusion energy.
    • Fusion-energy companies have raised over $5 billion in private funding, roughly double the amount from a year ago.
    • Commercialization of the technology is still years, if not decades, away.
  • Move over mainstream media, a new report by Reuters shows that young users are increasing choosing Tiktok as their go to news source

    • We already knew that over 40% of those same users prefer Tiktok for search, but now its trending to include news also
    • When asked which outlets they trust on those platforms, 36% look to internet personalities, followed by 18% ordinary people, mainstream media comes in at 14%, which is still a lot more than individual politicians which come it at 8%

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