Pricey Lightning, Honda Goes Over The Air, & Metaverse Gets Another Go


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The landing gear on YEE presented by Orbee is coming down this Friday as the pieces move in place for our annual end-of-year livestream event. But first some news about Ford’s F150 Lighting price hike, Honda’s announcement of their first car running on a Google OS, and some automakers are pressing into the metaverse.

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  • If you were once excited about that $41k base F150 Lighting when the truck was originally announced, you’re in for more pain as Ford announced this week the vehicles 3rd price hike in several months.

    • According to the company’s website, the price has increase another 9% now ringing in at $55,974
    • Rising supply cost continue to push several automakers to make price adjustments
    • Ford seems to be selling every Lighting they can make, however, and just this week announced the addition of a third shift at the assembly plant near Detroit that produces the Lighting.
  • Honda announced this week that their 2023 Accord Touring model will be their first integrating a Google operating system built in
    • In addition to the standard controls of the OS, this will allow Honda to step into over the air updating of the vehicles
    • This announcement comes amidst an OS arms race including Amazon Alexa and Apple
    • Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for an investigation into Big Tech's expansion into the automotive industry, expressing concern that companies like Google may stifle competition through bundled services and a lack of support for third-party apps.
  • Nvidia predicts that many automotive companies will begin integrating their operations with the metaverse in 2023, using it to monitor production processes and improve design processes through the use of "digital twins" in factories and virtual collaboration space.
    • Design processes will also benefit from virtual collaboration spaces in the metaverse.
    • The metaverse can also be used to enhance customer experiences with full-fidelity real-time car configurators, 3D simulations, augmented reality demonstrations, and virtual test drives.
    • Some automotive brands, such as Fiat and Ford, have already begun using the metaverse to showcase their products to potential customers

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