Monday Encouragement, Live Conversations From NADA, Wheels Up to TX!


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Welcome to a relaxed Monday as we ramp up into the week. We have a special treat today as we replay some of the conversations we had with dealers and industry leaders from NADA.

  • Alain Nana-Sinkhain and Matt Jones of TrueCar reminded us to have the courage to doubt yourself. Don’t hold on so tightly to what you know that you aren’t open to what could be true in the future.
  • Alex Vetter of encouraged dealers to lead with technology in a way that empowers the consumer.
  • Christopher Singleton, COO of the Mike Terry Auto Group shared what their group has learned after making multiple acquisitions and the importance of systems and processes.
  • Jon Lett and CJ Settles of Pure Country Automotive told us what they’re doing to impact their community and how that makes it all worth it.

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