Final Morning Show of 2022, Top 5 All Gas No Brake Moments, Tax Credit Updates, Hiring Getting Easier


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Rockin into the new year with our last show of this year. We cover some important EV tax credit updates, talk about hiring getting easier, and we give our top 5 ‘all gas no brake’ moments of 2022.

  • IRA Tax Credits
    • Starting Jan 1, there will be a first-ever EV tax credit for commercial vehicles from $7500-40k letting small and large businesses take advantage of the incentive
      • Vehicle weight determines credit level under 14k and over 14k lbs
      • Can cover up to 30% of the cost of the vehicle
      • Travis Katz, CEO of General Motors' BrightDrop, said "We're already hearing from customers that they're excited about this," which counts FedEx, Walmart and DHL Express Canada as customers.
    • The $7500 consumer incentive can be used on a lease according to new guidance from the US treasury

  • According to a survey conducted by Vistage Worldwide for The Wall Street Journal in December a higher percentage of small business owners reported that it was easier to hire workers.
    • 25% of the more than 650 entrepreneurs surveyed said it was easier to fill job openings now than at the start of 2022, an increase from 18% in November.
    • Some small business owners attributed the shift to steps such as raising pay, adding apprenticeship programs, and rewriting job ads, while others reported an increase in applicants as competitors pulled back on hiring or began layoffs
    • Also cited was a slow down in work making workloads more manageable and quality of the overall job better
  • Top 5 All Gas, No Brake Moments
  • Farley
  • Musk
  • Scout
  • EV Tax Credit Laws
  • California

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