Episode 6: Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter: Plays, Politics, and PEN, with Prof. Ann C Hall


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Over the last six months Ciarán and Ambika have been busy correcting essays, finding new jobs, getting vaccinated, and trying to read Gravity's Rainbow, and suddenly all that time passed without a new episode!
To mark the beginning of the new semester, we spoke with Prof. Ann C Hall about the relationship between Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter. Two writers who are often seen as opposites (reserved and friendly vs. bombastic and passionate; realistic plays tinged with tragedy vs. silent, menacing Absurdist comedies) in fact shared a long and deep friendship, and vast mutual appreciation of the other's work.
Throughout we discuss the similarities in their work, the importance of their shared Jewish heritage, and, naturally, the time they were both removed from the US Ambassador's house in Turkey.

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