Behind-the-Scenes of Creating a HUGE New Offer, with Judith Gaton


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In this episode of Art of Online Business, I sat down with one of my Accelerator students, Judith Gaton. She is a returning guest on the show, and this time, she is taking us behind the scenes of creating a huge new offer.

When business owners come to me and tell me they are thinking of creating a new offer when they already have one that’s doing well, that’s usually a red flag. However, Judith has created a truly amazing membership offer and is already reaping the benefits.

This episode is essentially a wide, encompassing conversation around the evolution of this offer that, after only a few days of being available, is already extremely successful.

Judith Gaton is a Master Certified life coach, personal stylist, author, and former lawyer. Through confidence coaching and mindset work, she helps high-achieving women to see that they can dress and love the body they are in right now.

When Style & Confidence are dialed in, women can go do the work they were created to do in the world. Her ultimate style philosophy: Confident Women Build Legacies.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Judith helps her clients
  • The concept of Judith’s new membership
  • Why having a detailed vision sets your offer up for success
  • The importance of selling your offer before you create it
  • Tips for validating your new offer
  • The tools Judith is using to create her membership
  • Copywriting tips for your offer

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