Heckled By My Mom with Korey David (High Plains Comedy Festival)


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Episode 261: Heckled by my Mom! Denver-based comic and actor Korey David (High Plains Comedy Festival) shares insights with Stand Up Comedian Dan Bublitz Jr about everything from canceled gigs to secrets of great crowd work. He tells the Art of Bombing the story of a night when his mother deconstructs one of his jokes while he was on stage telling it! Korey is a seasoned vet - he’s been headlining shows on the road and attending festivals for a long time - tune into this episode to hear about what to do when a show gets canceled, tips for what kind of merch to sell, how important a complementary side-gig is to improving your craft, rules for how to handle a crowd of fewer than 15 people, and how a professional comic should leverage an open mic.
As a bonus, Korey and Dan have an epic dialog about how comics charge money for shows on the road - is it enough? Please rate and review
Korey David
Korey David is a stand-up comedian and actor based in Denver, CO. This psychedelic-loving ex-Mormon works out his angst on stage from growing up as the black sheep in an ultraconservative household.

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