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One of Ariel's childhood heroes joins the show for a wide-ranging discussion about his new book, The Last Enforcer, and many other topics, like Oakley's relationships with Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing, memories of playing for the '90s Knicks, his trade to the Toronto Raptors, the infamous 2017 incident with James Dolan at Madison Square Garden, the current state of the Knicks, and who Oakley would like to fight in a celebrity boxing match!
Charles Oakley played 19 seasons in the NBA, suiting up for the Knicks, Raptors, Wizards, Bulls, and Rockets during his illustrious career. He's most known for his 10 seasons in New York, where alongside Ewing, John Starks and, for a period, legendary coach Pat Riley, he helped the Knicks become one of the most popular teams in the league. He is also the founder of The Charles Oakley Foundation, which focuses on helping serve underprivileged communities.

You can follow Oakley on Twitter @CharlesOakley34. His new book, The Last Enforcer, is available now.
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