Talking with Jenny Dinning, Head of External Relations at Bootham School


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Welcome back to The AMCIS Podcast, brought to you by The Bonjour Agency, with a new season of episodes where we speak to people in the independent school sector. AMCIS is the association for admissions, marketing and communications in independent schools. I’m Simon Jones and in this episode I’m talking to Jenny Dinning, Head of External Relations at Bootham School.

We’re going to hear Jenny’s views on the school sector, where it’s come from, how it’s changed, what’s important for parents right now, current and prospective, and what advice she has for people just starting out in this wonderful world of school marketing.

You’ll love this episode and Jenny is wonderful. She talks from the heart, it’s not a presentation, instead it’s a delightful conversation where you can tell she’s talking while she’s thinking.

But let’s get this intro out of the way and instead let’s find out the views of the sector from today’s guest, Jenny Dinning.


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