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Welcome back, friends! I’m delighted to welcome Gary Thomas back to the show to give us some practical advice about marriage, especially during tough times..

Realistically, we all know life brings storms at times. Just think about the past two years! That’s why I’m so glad Gary is here today to talk about his latest book Making Your Marriage a Fortress: Strengthening Your Marriage to Withstand Life’s Storms, while sharing stories from his own marriage. It’s so reassuring to know that we are not alone in navigating tough times in our relationships.

Gary is the author of numerous books that have sold over two million copies, translated into more than a dozen languages, and won numerous awards. He also enjoys running in his spare time and has completed 14 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, three times. He and his wife Lisa have been married for 38 years, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • The three things we can do right now to storm-proof our marriages
  • Making our marriages emotionally healthy
  • Practical ways couples can strengthen their marriage in the middle of attacks on multiple fronts.

Favorite quotes:

~Both affluence and financial depreciation can strengthen marriages if faced together.

~It’s wise as a couple for both to know what’s going on financially.

~It’s not just keeping your marriage together more important than that; it’s keeping your heart together with God. Keeping God on your side. Enjoying the favor and comfort of God.

~The crisis will come. The kind of marriage you have now , will it hold when the crisis hits?

~Stay connected as a couple so that when the storm does hit your marriage will be a refuge and will be part of the solution and not the problem.

In this episode I answered this question:

  1. How can I keep myself motivated to tackle new things in life without giving up? (37:50)

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