Episode 9: The Mindset Marketing Strategy


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Today we will be talking about something I really geek out about! Marketing, Money, and Mindset. All three work together really well if they are all working in alignment, but it can also be a vicious cycle if they get off track.
Inside my group program, Connections that Convert, I take my members through my success formula which is Mindset, Strategy, and Action. What most coaches don't teach is the Mindset behind the Marketing... and not just your mindset, but your customer's mindset.
Understanding where the consumer's mindset is will help you market to your target audience with ease.
The consumer follow these five stages;

  • Unaware: They don't even know they have a problem, and you need to educate them on that.
  • Problem Aware: Now they know what their problem is, but they don't know how to solve it. Now they are ready for you to tell them that there are solutions to this problem.
  • Solution Aware: Now they know that there is a solution out there, they will want to know what product or service they can use to solve their problem.
  • Product Aware: Now they are aware of the products, and will begin to make a decision on which person they will purchase the product from. You need to make sure that you are in their vision at this stage.
  • Most Aware: Now they know what their problem is, that there is a product that will solve their problem and that you are the best person to purchase that product from.

All five stages can be helped along by you having content and copy that speaks directly to where the consumer is at that moment.
There is a lot of market research to do for this, and I am always happy to teach you how!
In my upcoming Masterclass, Radiant Rapport, we will be talking all about how to talk with ease and get that yes! Be sure to join my Facebook group, The Aligned Business Woman, to get all the details.
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