Episode 20: Why Reels Don't Make You More Sales


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Episode 21: Why Reels Don't Make Your More Sales
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Today, we will be talking about Reels. Reels have been a hot topic for the last two years and are Instagram's answer to TikTok's success. I have noticed a lot more coaches being Reels coaches and getting people to use Reels to find their ideal client.
I want to take a step back and challenge the Reels strategy to find your ideal client...
Reels are just a glimpse of your life. When someone just stumbles upon your Reel, they won't see the whole picture of who you are and what your business is all about.
People get so excited when they post a Reel that goes "viral" and suddenly they have so many new followers! They don't stop to think if those new followers are actually their ideal clients... and then a week or month later, 90% of those new followers unfollow.
Let me use dating as a metaphor. When you first start dating someone, everything clicks, you love everything about them, and it seems like life is just perfect. A few months down the road, they maybe bring up a topic that you don't agree on, and that image comes crashing down. Suddenly they aren't the 'perfect person' anymore.
People create Reels with the intention of getting more views and more followers, but they don't think about connecting on a soul-to-soul level with their ideal clients. However, Reels is an opportunity to get more people coming to you. What you need to do when you have a viral Reel is make sure you are creating content that makes it 100% clear who you are and how you serve. This is where you will really create that subconscious connection with your audience.
Have you ever come across an influencer or a coach on Instagram, and you instantly think, "Wow, I really connect with this person." You binge-watch their content and start clicking on their freebies and maybe even buy their small offer. You get to that point because you made a connection with them! That is exactly what happens to your audience when they see your content. They want to be elevated by your content and your offers, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

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