Episode 18: What the Heck is NLP?


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Episode 18: What the Heck is NLP?
I have noticed from talking to my copy writer and my podcast manager that lots of people know about NLP, but not many people actually know what it is or why we can use it in our marketing. So I'm going to break it down here for you...
NLP is learning how to use the mind's language to get results. You can think of it as the user's manual of the mind.

First, let's talk about the Neuro Part...
Neuro: Our nervous system or our mind with which we experience the world through our senses...

  • Visual - what you see
  • Auditory - what you hear
  • Kinesthetic - what you feel, external and emotionally
  • Olfactory - what you smell
  • Gustatory - what you taste

People have a primary sense to process information. Visual processors usually tend to talk fast because they are processing the message must quicker than someone that is auditory. Auditory people will hear the information and then create images in their minds to interpret the information. And so on...

Why is this important to consider when creating content? You are creating an experience for your audience every time you post on social media or send out an email. If you want to appeal to all types of processors, you'll want to fold in words relating to all senses in your copy. When you join my free masterclass Radiant Rapport, you'll receive a list of over 50 words that you can use in your messaging to create instant rapport within your marketing. Hint: You can even use them on sales calls.

Now let's talk about the Linguistic part of NLP!
Linguistic relates to the language and physical communication we use to store memories and experiences to give them meaning.

As we perceive something and it enters our awareness through the primary way we process information, we begin to create pictures, sounds, and feelings, internally.

Lastly, let's talk about Programming
Programming is the patterns and strategies we run in our minds. Do you remember the story of Pavlov's dog? Pavlov would feed his dogs when he rang a bell. After many tries, he was able to get the dogs to salivate just by ringing the bell. They didn't even have to see food but they would assume it was coming because they were programmed to believe that it comes when the bell rings.
We do the same thing. When we see or hear or feel something that we have in the past, we are programmed to believe that we will have the same consequences. So, if your future clients are hearing the same pattern in your copy that they have heard from someone who let them down, they are much less likely to purchase your product because they are programmed to b

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