Episode 11: The 5 Best Lead Magnets with Carolyn Choate


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The 5 Best Lead Magnets with Carolyn Choate
Are you using Lead Magnets in your business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur?
If not, why not!? Sometimes they're called Freebies or Opt-Ins, but they all have the same end goal... To get your customers to the right spot to be ready to work with you!
Here are the 5 Best Lead Magnets I talk about with Carolyn today:

  1. Free Discovery Call
  2. Free downloadable PDF of an exercise or list of affirmations
  3. A Card Drawing (Carolyn's invention!)
  4. Webinar
  5. Roadmap to a Result

So many fantastic ideas and they are simple to start! Carolyn recommends starting with just one and focusing on tightening up all of the mechanics behind it.
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