Episode 15: Why Subconscious Marketing Works


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Episode 15: Why Subconscious Marketing Works
Let's talk about Subconscious Marketing. My son has been in a Shrek-watching mood lately, and I am actually really enjoying finding the similarities to Subconscious Marketing!
Let's take a look at it:

First up is Shrek, and that's you. The hero wanting to save Fiona from the tower.
Fiona is the subconscious mind. She has all these desires and dreams that can't come true because she is stuck in a dungeon guarded by a dragon.
The dragon is the critical faculty. The part of the brain that stops the subconscious mind from communicating with anything outside the dungeon.
Shrek's job is to speak directly to Fiona, to find out what those desires and dreams are and what are the problems and pains stopping her from getting them.
This is exactly Subconscious Marketing! Your customers have a subconscious mind that has desires and dreams, and how much better would it be to speak directly to that instead of always trying to fight the dragon.
Shrek goes around the dragon to save Fiona... shouldn't we do the same?
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