Episode 14: Wealth Embodiment with Victoria Washington


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Episode 14: The Content Creatrix Types with Victoria Washington
A crackle of sacred fire…

A soothing balm for the financial soul…

…where Victoria Washington goes, women prosper.

Part money medicine-woman, part business wizard, & part straight-talking spiritual-best-friend to her over 16k Instagram followers, Victoria is at the helm of a financial revolution.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2018, Victoria started her coaching business from scratch. Three years later, Victoria Washington, Inc. is a 7-figure/yr global brand that has supported over 3,000 women on the journey of financial liberation.

Through her signature methodology, Wealth Embodiment Flow (WE Flow), women are guided through a series of postures, breath patterns & mantras that help them release financial trauma from their bodies and water the seeds of their most abundant realities 💧

Whether it’s brokering a 6-figure real estate deal, negotiating an increase in salary, signing a paid client for the first time, or simply opening the stack of bills she’s been avoiding, Victoria’s communities are ALIVE with women celebrating their financial milestones.

Victoria’s teachings weave together somatic movement, business strategy, and channeled spiritual wisdom to support women - and in particular women of color - to step into new levels of financial empowerment.
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To learn more about Victoria’s work, visit www.wealthembodimentflow.com or follow her on Instagram at @IAMVICTORIAWASHINGTON
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