Episode 13: The 3 Limiting Energies


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Are you implementing all the strategies that you're learning from your plethora of courses but still not getting the results you want?
You may be suffering from one of these energy suckers.

  1. The Broke Girl Energy: Stuck in a scarcity mindset even though you have blessings all around so you sabotage yourself by procrastinating. Which later leads to hustle that causes burnout.
  2. The Know-it-All Energy: You try to learn, do and be everything for everyone which leaves you feeling resentful and not moving forward. You're stuck on a hamster wheel and on the verge of quitting.
  3. The It's Never Gonna Happen Energy: You base your future success on past experiences instead of the quality of your present growth and evolution.

So what's a person to do? Stop, drop and roll.
Stop to realize where you feel this energy in your body and what has triggered it.
Drop all negative emotions and limiting beliefs to create space for aligned thinking and actions.
Roll forward and keep going. Give yourself grace, love, and acceptance by forgiving yourself for getting stuck. It's just a sign that you've hit your next level to expand into.
Do you identify with any of these energies?
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