Episode #40 - Vax Pass pluses – and challenges. Janetville homecoming. Doble and Domenic. Post LEX appraisal. Truth and Reconciliation in Caygeon.


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If you’ve been dining INside a restaurant recently, you know all about flashing that pass. St-Dave’s Diner owner Jason Hore discusses the pluses – and challenges – with it. And how his staff – and regulars - make it all worth it.

Lindsay’s Mark Doble is, arguably, the biggest fan of singer/songwriter/guitarist Domenic Troiano. So much so that he wrote a biography of the late musician who left his mark as a solo artist and member of the Guess Who.

Paulette Sopoci wasn’t really thinking of leaving the City (you know, Toronto) to return to her hometown of Janetville. But then a very special home became available, and….

How’d the LEX, version 2021, do? What lessons can be passed on to other upcoming smaller fall fairs? Its GM, Harry Stoddart, returns with an honest post mortem.

Bobcaygeon marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation with a special ceremony. We bring you some of the voices and sounds from this important event.

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