Episode #33 - The Mays marvellous music. Pizza’s place in a pandemic - Part 2. Wally’s waiting patiently. Ward on vaccines at work. And a podcast award? Not really.


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Vaccines are now plentiful. But what if that customer – or employee – refuses it? Lawyer Jason Ward gives us the legal implications of such a…choice. We revisit one of our very first interview guests. Tony’s Pizza co-owner Greg Andrews was a positive guy at the start of that first shutdown – when no one really knew what was ahead. A year later, he’s learned a lot – including a realization that pizza played a bigger role in our lives than he originally imagined. Wally Nugent’s chair has remained empty – and our hair has gotten longer. So so long and unkempt. The well-known hairstylist has a lot to say about missing his customers – but also has a few words for Ontario’s science table decision-makers. And so so close. Our pod almost won some kind of award. But then didn’t. Hmm……

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