Episode #30 - Y or N to ATVs on Lindsay streets? Innovative farmers get support – the financial kind. Taking textile recycling to next level. Project 116 + is A-1. A well-defined new word.


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Will ATVs be permitted on certain Lindsay streets? Should they? We hear arguments from both sides leading up to a City meeting May 4. Sydney Topfer helped steer a donation drive to send art supplies to indigenous communities across Canada. Will Project 116 + make a return? Here’s hoping. The area’s landfills now accept textile recycling. How’d that happen? And why? And who’s paying for it? And does it mean you can finally part with that mauve polyester shirt with the wide lapels? Got a great but unconventional, yet innovative idea for your farm, and ya just need the $upport? A new program with the CFKL might just be your backer. And our host apologizes for his recent mistake. But not really. Oh, and music by Dunsford’s Nathan Truax and a new word from the KLPL’s Lyndsay Bowen!

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