EPISODE #25 - Vaccine hesitancy. Ken Reid’s talking trees. Rebecca stands up for laughs. Outdoor theatre in Fenelon. Birthday wishes, too!


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Vaccines are set to roll out in the C of KL and if you’re reluctant or outright opposed, Doc Gemmill understands – but also presents a strong case to roll up your sleeve. It’s still a nice walk in the park. But KRCA has made it even nicer with....talking trees? Yup. Rebecca Reeds returns to her hometown – virtually, that is. She’ll deliver the goods she’s spent almost 10 years honing – a smart, polished and funny standup act in support of the Food Source. The Grove Theatre in Fenelon doesn’t have four walls or a roof. And doesn’t need them. Its launch this summer will be much more than just an outdoor performance venue, too.

And hey! It’s our birthday! Listeners call in to wish The Advocate Podcast a Happy First.

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