Ep.73 | Building Bigger Dreams with No Limits with Reggie Calhoun Jr.


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The Conversation: Building Bigger Dreams with No Limits

In our first episode with Reggie Calhoun, Jr, we talked about his dream of creating his own college. Reggie shared how he was able to ignore the critics and naysayers who tried to get in his way.

Reggie is back.

This time, his dream has grown even bigger. Reggie’s dream of starting a college prep academy that focused on helping student athletes has now expanded into a college that offers Associates, Bachelors, and certificates programs (online and on campus) along with branches now getting started in Haiti..with other countries to come.

This transformation, from dream to even bigger dream, is what Reggie and Ken talk about in this follow-up episode.

If you’re looking to grow your dream from where it is to where it could be, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Topics We Cover

  • How to expand your dream...when your resources are low
  • Getting the motivation to take a big leap
  • How to turn your “failing moments” into learning moments
  • Creating a dream that is bigger than you
  • Growing your dreams without a roadmap
  • Why upgrading your dream is like playing monopoly
  • Expanding your worldview
  • Why nobody can tell you the exact way to build your dream
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Taking the right advice from the right people (and why you need to ignore people who can’t help your dream)
  • Where Reggie’s dream is growing next

3 Important Things to Remember

You don’t need permission to build your dream your way Your dream is the permission

Every dream starts in the dark. Dreams aren’t given. They are built as you take action.

To build bigger dreams, find the why Understanding your “why” will helps connect you to other people’s “why” for a even bigger dream

The Homework

Following your dream can be harder. Growing your dreams can be even harder.

To help you start expanding your mindset to help you start expanding your dreams, ask yourself 3 questions:

If I had $1 million today to fix something, what would I fix first?

If I were the CEO of a business, what business would it be?

If I were on a reality TV show, what would I want to be?

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About Our Guest

Reggie W Calhoun Jr. is a former college student athlete who turned his experience into a movement. He is the founder of RPA College and The Rezolution Conglomerate who also worked as a combat engineer in the Army National Guard.


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NCAA plans to have temporary student athlete compensation measures in place by July 1


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