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As a youngster, John Walsh encountered a good deal of adversity. During high school, he became homeless; his immediate family had moved away and the family that had offered to take him in ended up stealing his savings.

So, how did a homeless high school senior end up becoming a Director for Disney and then CEO of a movement that positively impacts the lives of our youth?

On today’s The Adverse Effect, we’ll speak with John who emphasizes the important message that... you are never too old to change direction. Proving this by graduating from college and interning at Disney in his 30’s, before climbing the ladder to Director within 9 years.

He was successful and had the degrees and accolades on his walls, but he questioned what those walls would look like if he replaced them with pictures of all the people he had impacted in life...they would be blank.

That was when StandoutX was born.

John Walsh is the passionate, energetic, and dedicated President and CEO of StandoutX, whose mission is to inspire and help the next generation of amazing people and world-class businesses to maximize their potential and rise from start to stand out.

“I learned my lessons from the past and I applied them to my future.” —John Walsh

“How can you fulfill a higher purpose or higher calling if you stop at a certain point?” —John Walsh

“I was focusing on the accolades and the degrees and money I got and the titles I had but at the end of the day I wasn’t really making a difference.” —John Walsh

Today on The Adverse Effect:

  • Moving past your plateau in life
  • How we impact others
  • Always wanting more and never being satisfied
  • Discussing the framework in order to ‘standout’
  • Our purpose in life

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