Ep.57 | Part 2 | The Police Conversation We're Not Having with Sergeant G.Michael


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"We have a problem with us that we can’t be honest with each other.”

- G. Michael,Police Sergeant in South Side of Chicago

The Conversation: Creating Solutions in a Complicated World

If you watch the news, you hear from the protestors, from the press conferences, from the reporters, the commentators, and the “experts”

….but how often do we hear from the viewpoint of the police?

In Part 2 of this two-part special, Ken again talks with Sergeant Michael about the changing relationship between the police and the community. They go over police reform, gun control, accountability, and figuring out our next step in police reform.


  • Personal Accountability vs Society
  • Life as a police officer...Why it’s not what you think
  • Do police officers need tanks?
  • Personal responsibility vs Society
  • Do police need more support?
  • Education & resources...Helping society fix crime before the police are called
  • Defund the police or no?

Takeaways of the Conversation

Accountability is key to healing You need to understand what to fix before you heal it.

Politics affect every part of our police work Any solution for police reform must include an understanding of the politics behind police work.

Stopping crime is not an easy thing Police reform must address the concerns communities have about police in a way that keeps police and the communities they work in safe.

The Homework: Understanding the Other Side of the Police Debate

This year has made our society confront difficult questions about police. As the media and social media spotlight increases on the police, now can be an important time to understand what’s going on in your own neighborhood.

Take a moment to find the website of your local police department. Does it provide the information you’d expect? How much citizen involvement is encouraged? What does the police department focus on? How do they hire and recruit?

Your goal here is to get an impression of the police in your community. As someone who lives in the community you probably already have a perspective, but you might not be aware of what the police department says about itself.

Compare what you see on the website with your own interactions with the police or others in your community..

Have a question about the police? Check out the resources for more information.


Police Locator

Behind the Badge: Examining 10 Types of Police Officers

Policing 101

Reporting Crime and Complaints (USA.gov)

Criminal Arrests and Interrogations FAQ

Your Rights When Dealing With the Police

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