Ep.55 | Stay Curious, Be in Alignment, and Achieve Your Goals with Callie Chamberlain


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On today’s The Adverse Effect, we delve into the adventurous life of ordained doula and Reiki master, Callie Chamberlain, whose commitment to healthcare and well-being for all has taken her across the globe.

From a young age, Callie knew that she wanted to help people but wasn’t quite sure how. When she realised that her corporate life and core values did not align, she had a big decision to make.

Callie takes us through her journey - from her refugee humanitarian efforts on the Greek island of Lesbos to her involvement with an award-winning documentary. She also talks about her launch of Minnesota’s largest progressive leadership and development program dedicated to building a network of Millennials working across various sectors to advance equity in the region plus more.

“There is a deeper connection between mind and body which is not present in how we think about healthcare” — Callie Chamberlain

“I need to pursue these curiosities because this is what’s going to help me become the person I need to be and show up to lead in the ways that I need to lead...” — Callie Chamberlain

“...you’ve got to be in alignment to your values, you’ve got to manage your life in a way that feels good for you” — Callie Chamberlain

Today on The Adverse Effect:

  • Callie’s early years
  • Breaking out of corporate life
  • Humanitarian work
  • How to attain your goals and set core values

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