“Why Everyone Needs Therapy” with Onsite’s Miles Adcox


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This episode's guest is Mental Health Guide Miles Adcox. He is a speaker, thought leader, advocate, advisor, and entrepreneur in the emotional wellness space. Some of you may have heard of the famous Onsite treatment center near Nashville. Well, this is Miles’s brainchild. He is the Proprietor & Chairman of Onsite, which is an internationally known emotional wellness lifestyle brand that delivers life-changing personal growth workshops, digital mental health master classes, emotionally smart leadership retreats, and residential emotional wellness and trauma treatment. In this episode we will dive into several different aspects of mental health, and Miles will guide us and give us some great ways to be more in tune with who we are and how to walk well with others. Also, I end up spilling a few of my beans and sharing a little bit of my story with Miles, which was simply unavoidable because his demeanor is so inviting and disarming. Settle in for some great conversation and practical ways to live life with more meaning.
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