"The Secret Society of Success" with author Tim Schurrer


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Tell me this, do you ever get caught in a cycle where you start telling yourself, “you know, I really deserve more credit than I am getting, I should be the one getting that promotion, I should be the one getting the credit? I know I certainly have plenty of times. There is a tension that I think we need to live in where we have aspirations and goals and dreams, but also at the same time, where we can find contentment where we are, and can somehow exit the endless hamster wheel of chasing an idea of success. Today’s guest is an expert on this tension, and has some excellent advice for us. Today we will be hearing from a new friend of mine, Author Tim Schurer. For 10 years, time worked alongside Donald Miller as his COO, helping him launch and build the incredibly successful company, Storybrand, and now, he has taken the lessons he has learned through working under numerous incredible leaders, including of course Don but also Tim Cook at Apple and the founder of Toms, and written a book to teach us all a bit more about what he calls the secret society of success.


Book: http://www.secretsocietybook.com

Tim on Social: https://www.instagram.com/timschurrer

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