“Say Yes More” with Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite


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I am absolutely jazzed for to meet my friend Dave Cornthwaite! Dave is truly a professional adventurer, and I think you’ll find one of the most fascinating people you will ever learn about or hear from. I met Dave over 10 years ago while I was kayaking the Mississippi River with friends, and he was breaking a record stand-up paddleboarding. Meeting him really marked me, Dave showed me a new way to live, and a new way to be. He came to me at a time when I was really striving to prove something to myself and the world, and Dave simply offered another option. Another way to live. A simpler and more beautiful way to exist.

Dave has a very interesting story. Like many of us, Dave went to college, had a desk job, and was pursuing the ordinary life path that most of us do. But it just didn’t do it for him. One day, Dave woke up and decided he was done with what he felt was an incredibly boring, depressing, uninspiring path he was on. There had to be more out there. And so, he quit his job to pursue a more interesting life. Over the past ten or twelve years Dave has completed some extraordinary feats including breaking a world record of Paddling 2404 miles down the Mississippi River, skateboarding across the entire continent of Australia, and even sailing across the Pacific Ocean. The amazing thing about Dave is that, as he will constantly remind you, is that he is in many ways an ordinary guy. He's not incredibly athletic, certainly is not wealthy, and is not trying to prove anything to anybody. Instead, Dave has been on a journey to challenge himself, to live an interesting life, and to inspire anyone who will listen to say yes more to the beauty that life has to offer.

Website: www.davecornthwaite.com

Website: www.sayyesmore.com

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