“Learning to Love Ourselves:(Part 2/2) using Reparenting, Writing and other tools” with Ruthie Lindsey


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"Depression is just a check engine light."
"This is not the end of your story, this is literally the invitation to ultimately bring you back to yourself, to awaken... it's loving even though it's brutal."
Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the adventure cure. For today, episode #16, we will continue the conversation with my dear friend Ruthie Lindsey, as she teaches us various tools that you can use to fully and better love yourself. For many of us, we can be our worst critics. I know I have certainly often been to myself, which has lead me down paths of self loathing, jealousy, and more than anything, shame. “We shame the shit out of ourselves,” Ruthie will tell us in a few minutes, but we are so human. Ruthie’s ability to love herself fully and completely has translated into an unending ability to selflessly love others that is truly intoxicating. It's something we all can learn from, but it starts with how we talk to ourselves.

A quick reminder on who Ruthie is and why she's worth listening to. Ruthie Lindsey is an award winning published author, an incredibly sought after speaker, and has amassed a huge social media following because of her ability to speak the unspoken and walk with people through pain and healing. Ruthie also hosted an excellent podcast called Unspoken for several seasons with a former guest on his podcast, Miles Adcox, owner of Onsite. In case you didn’t listen to last weeks episode I don’t know much about Ruthies story, much of what she teaches stems from the painful recovery of a near death experience she had at age 17. She was in a terrible car accident that nearly killed her, breaking broke her neck, rupturing her spleen and collapsing her lungs. Miraculously she survived with an emergency spinal fusion, but a few years later due to this injury, incredibly debilitating pain crept into her body and wrecked her life again. This time it lasted years, training her to her bed in a daze of painkillers, depression, and self loathing. She eventually was able to wean herself off the meds, get out of bed, and start a new life with an entirely new identity. This conversation is about a few of the tools she used then and continues to use to find healing, truth, and to step into the fullest, most joyful. and most loving version of herself. Also, if you enjoyed episode #1 with David Magee, Ruthie is Davids little sister. After searching for his family for 30 years, it was Ruthie he found first, which created an incredibly rich, emotional and immediate connection.

A few details on what to expect, Ruthie will be guiding us through various wars to embrace who we are and in turn to be able to fully love others. We will learn about things like Reparenting, being in touch with your body, and using words and writing things down to help us understand ourselves better.
website: http://www.ruthielindsey.com/
her book: http://www.ruthielindsey.com/book
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