“Creating Your Professional Utopia” with Financial Expert Drew Hall


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“If you’re listening and wondering what you've got to do to break yourself out of the hell you've dug yourself in I would say the first thing you've to got to do is put yourself in a position to be rejected. If you do not allow the people who are vital organs in your life to reject you then you do not give them an opportunity to accept you.” - Drew Hall

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode! To fit in with our theme of living life in a more meaningful way, it is critical that we discuss our careers. Does what we do for a living align with who we are as a person or is it simply just paying the bills? And, more importantly, what is the cost of doing a job that you hate? What if you could, as our guest today calls it, create your professional utopia? Well, lucky for you, He’s got a story that might inspire you to question what you are doing and consider another path.

Our guest today is a dear friend of mine, Drew Hall. For his career, Drew is a financial advisor, and one who is, by all worldly standards, is highly successful. He makes good money, works for himself, drives a nice car, and has a beautiful family. But a lot of people have all that and are miserable. Drew, though, beats to a different drum than most. He possesses a zest for life, an energy, and a joy that very few people I know have, as well as wisdom far beyond his years. Which is exactly why I had him on the show. Drew’s life was not always like this. For quite a while he found himself stuck in a career path he hated, addicted to substances and feeling totally stuck, like a fish out of water. One day, he got the courage to walk away from all of it into the dangerous world of the unknown in hopes of finding a career that he actually would enjoy.

One thing you will find, I believe, in listening to his story are ways to become incredibly honest with yourself and perhaps find the permission and courage you need to stop living someone else’s dream for your life and instead to live your own. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview where we will be diving into Drew’s personal story of getting to where he is now. And as for the money and investing part, well that, we will save for part 2.

Drew’s Company: https://www.abelhall.com

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