“Letting Go of Performance and Coming Home to Yourself” with Former NFL Player/Army Officer Caleb Campbell


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Today's story is pretty intense. Ya'll know I like to go deep and ask the really hard questions. And Caleb Campbell is here, bringing his A game. Caleb is a former United States Army officer and graduate of West Point as well as a former NFL football player. His story is one I think many of you will be able to connect to. Caleb’s journey takes us into the immense pressure he felt to perform in all areas of his life, especially football. Ultimately this pressure nearly killed him. Listen to this incredibly raw and vulnerable account of how Caleb ultimately found freedom from the expectations he had put on himself and learned to finally accept himself for who he is. This is a story about identity, self worth, and coming home to ourselves. Caleb now is a keynote speaker on mental wellbeing and leadership. I am certain that you will have lots of takeaways from this incredible story.

Website: www.calebcampbell.me

Follow Caleb on social media: https://www.instagram.com/caleb_campbell/?hl=en

Authors/Poets Referenced:

David Whyte (poet/author)

Charles Burman (author) : “Coming to Our Senses”

Richard Rohr

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