Xmas Special with Becky Brooks, Scott and Al


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As per tradition we've got Becky back for the annual xmas podcast.

All the best laid plans go to pieces and we cast aside the planned chat and talk about the rise of adopted people's voices and some of the changes that we've seen this year in relation to education, or haven't seen. We draw the winner of the JKP quiz as well as point towards some future plans. Becky has a rather strong feeling in relation to the latest version of Home Alone.

There's plenty of bater and laughs as well as the usual Xmas quiz and the alternative queen's speech we hopefully offer a little festive cheer in what is another Xmas in complicated times.

If you'd like to share your adoption story or if there's a topic or guest you'd like us to include on the podcast then please get in touch through the aandfpodcast@gmail.com email.

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