#NationalAdoptionWeek Podcast Special - An Interview with Sarah Johal


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As we're bang in the middle of #NationalAdoptionWeek we're really pleased to have Sarah Johal on the podcast. Sarah has recently been appointed as the "National strategic lead for adoption — Working Regional Adoption" and we speak to her in relation to what that role means and unpick some specific issues. We chat about contact, support, adoption apologies, raising the voices of adopted adults and more. It's well worth a listen and if you're a UK adopter there is a lot of content that will impact on you and your children.

Al remains mortified by his comment/question and has laid in a dark room ever since.

We hope you enjoy it and after #NAW is over we'll return to a more 'normal' schedule.

As always, if you've a story to tell or a view to express get in touch at aandfpodcast@gmail.com

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