Episode 129 - Adoption Disruption,Dawn Harker & AUK‘s Week


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In this week's podcast after a brief reflection on the Podcast Conference we look at the issue that has been dominating social media in the adoption community this week. One of Adoption UK's trustees wrote a blog that was published online, in national newspapers as well as informing a discussion on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. The issue was the issue of adoption disruption and the need for additional support for adopters. It's not the first time that the topic has been raised but in this case aspects of it's representation, confidentiality and presentation caused an unprecedented level of reaction with concerns being raised by the Scottish Children's Commissioner in relation to the piece.

In this podcast we invited Dawn Harker to chat with us about the issue at short notice and we consider the impact of the reports as well as trying to consider why this piece was so inflammatory. She speaks from a personal perspective as an adoptee.

If we're honest it was a difficult chat, we didn't want to add to the public shaming or to compound the oversharing of personal details. Consequently, we are at times very measured but as the conversation progresses we cast off some of those anxieties.

Please note, after we recorded it Adoption UK released a statement to acknowledge concerns and announce that the trustee has stepped down. We considered adding to the podcast but we basically ran out of steam. You can read it here.

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