Episode 124 - Adoptee Futures


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In this episode we speak to Annalisa and Shania the founders of Adoptee Futures. They share the story of they how they came together as well as their hopes for the organisation and how it can be a positive environment to develop wider understanding of the adoptee experience in social workers, adoptive parnents and beyond.

As always, we go where the conversation takes us and we touch on a raft of issues that are relevant including the 'fog' that is often referred to within the adoptee community as well as how we can centre the adoptee voice in policy making, adoptee preparation and all aspects of this community.

Shania and Annalise also share with us there plans for specific workshops that they are doing to start that process of centring the adoptee voice and you can find details on their website here.

Here's some specific links as well.

Website: https://www.adopteefutures.org/ Services: https://www.adopteefutures.org/services Workshops https://www.adopteefutures.org/workshops LGBTQIA+ & Adopted series (new blog post every Wednesday) https://www.adopteefutures.org/blog

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