#177 - Gospel-Centered Ranching to Reach Young Men


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How does Salem 4 Youth reach hurting and hardened young men ages 12-17 with the Gospel? Exclusive in-studio conversation between Terry Benge and Dr. Mark E. Shaw about a residential program and boarding school for boys in Illinois. Terry shares his calling to serve both boys and their families through Christ-centered biblical counseling given through daily life on the Ranch.

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Terry Benge serves as Executive Director, Lead Pastor and Family Counselor at Salem4Youth Ranch. He is a husband, dad, and grandfather.

Mark E. Shaw founded The Addiction Connection in 2012 and is the author of 26 publications on addictions and biblical counseling. He serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY.

[Full Podcast Timestamps]

2:44 Terry's call to serve at Salem 4 Youth Ranch (Isaiah 1:16-20)

6:27 How the Ranch serves a hurting family, facing challenging issues

7:33 Who is the Program really for/not for?

8:56 Eliminating state funding

10:28 Terry: "The best way is for us to live that way ourselves"

16:28 Terry on the 23 staff currently serving 12 young men

18:18 How to avoid staff fatigue, frustration, and burnout: "Nobody on the Ranch has to be the hero"

20:40 Certifications, lay people, and jumping into ministry

23:20 Salem 4 Youth's ministry ethos, some of the process

26:31 The Ranch's unique opportunities for students: Riding/Team roping/Equine studies, Photography... 30:00 Welding, Skilled trades, Sports, Beekeeping/Apiary

34:49 Worldview formed by age 13

37:20 The Ranch's dedication

39:34 Saving a stadium vs Individual ministry or "helping the 12"

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