#175 - God is More At Work Than We're Aware


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Conversation between Justin Lakemacher, Jim Quigley & Dr. Mark Shaw about current events, addictions treatment and ministry.

2:30 Labor in vain? (Ps. 127)

5:43 Justin and Redemption House

7:45 God's glory, like Gideon

11:11 "If they would just _____ , they would transform..." (2 Tim. 2:26)

13:40 Importance of challenging disbelief against the Bible

15:45 Justin on Exodus: "Worshipping our way out of addiction"

22:41 Instant gratification and how words matter

26:13 How "worshipping out of addiction" means connection

31:30 Why Ps. 127 shows God is at work more than we're aware

35:18 How Redemption House is growing

38:53 Jim on discovering the biblical counseling community

44:25 Justin on new fatherhood

48:07 Justin's son

50:00 Justin on writing for Desiring God, behind his writing process

53:23 Fun at Redemption House, whirlyball

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