198: Dealing with Codependency in the LGBTQ+ Community with Miriam Geiger


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Dealing with Codependency in the LGBTQ+ Community with Miriam Geiger

The LGBTQ community has long been underserved by the mental health care system as well as recovery supports, despite being an increasingly visible and sizable part of the general population. In part, this is due to the ongoing discrimination and prejudice that members of the LGBTQ community face on a daily basis.

According to Marriage and Family therapist, Miriam Geiger, who is also part of the LGBTQ+ community, many LGBTQ people find themselves struggling with issues of codependency in their relationships due to the overlapping issues of trauma, marginalization, and lack of safe spaces to express themselves and their identity.

If you want to learn more about Miriam and her work around codependency and relationships, check out https://theaddictedmind.com/198 and her website miriamgeiger.com.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Codependency in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Dealing with a sense of distorted self
  • Why the LGBTQ+ people are the most empathetic people
  • Other common issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces
  • The challenges of being in such a small community
  • Thinking about the developmental process and lifespan as an LGBTQ
  • Finding your way to recovery

Key Quotes:

[10:01] - “The self wants to be accepted by the community.”

[13:38] - “We need other people to love us… But the problem is that the drive is so strong, that when you layer on this other stuff, it gets a little convoluted."

[20:25] - "The LGBTQ people are some of the most empathetic, sweetest, and loving. When you come out of hard things, it also creates all this tenderness and the ability to have empathy."

[24:58] - “Just asking ‘what was your coming out’ like can be great. It's not all about sexuality or gender, necessarily, but it's not ‘not about it’ at the same time.”

[27:07] - "Think about people in a developmental process almost, that it does affect every little part of the lifespan in its own unique way. It's very different to be an LGBTQ senior."

[29:53] - "One thing I've learned is that people are all the same, and they're all incredibly different."

[33:33] - "Find something that resonates and gives you some sense of hope, and also some sense of direction."

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