188: The 30-Second Solution to Transforming Your Life with Ron Kardashian


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On today’s episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, Duane talks with keynote speaker, author, executive coach, and humanitarian, Ron Kardashian.

Author of the book, 30-Second Solution: Transform Your Body, Business, Relationships, and Life in Just Seconds at a Time, Ron discusses how making micro-changes in your life can change your brain and live the life you want. We all can change that narrative – and in changing that narrative and that belief system, we can change our life.

Ron’s career started as a national strength and conditioning specialist; in other words, he was a personal trainer. His word of choice is Kinesiology, which is basically the study of human movement, and so, it was natural for him to fall in love with health and fitness. Ron played sports all the way through high school, and it landed him his own private practice in California. By the time he was 25, Ron had made it to the NFL consulting for professional athletes.

One day, a gentleman from the San Francisco 49ers asked for his help. And what began as this in-depth study on human behavior and human performance from a mental standpoint has ultimately launched Ron's career as an executive coach for the last 20 years. Eventually, his practice moved into coaching business leaders, ecumenical leaders, heads of government, and heads of state.

At that time, Ron was also suffering from his own addictions. And so, it was a three-fold quest to be healed, to become a practitioner, and to help other people.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The correlation between success and personal development
  • Hiring someone to trust
  • Knowing yourself better through deep introspection
  • Education - a very important element in addiction recovery
  • Understanding the law of neuroplasticity
  • The power of investing in yourself
  • Choosing to be a better person in our micro-decisions

Key Quotes:

[04:38] - “As you unpack human behavior, you find the underlying root cause connected to traumas people go through... then the drug of choice is birthed because they're trying to learn coping mechanisms to smother these feelings and behaviors."

[05:43] "The path of self-discovery is the home of the human soul in that we are on a personal quest to become better me's."

[06:13] "The most wealthy people and the most successful people all have personal development as a core value."

[07:28] “The side effect of a traumatized person is that you become very reclusive… if you can't find somebody that you trust, you can hire someone to trust.”

[21:22] "The worst thing that human beings can do is hide areas they need to disclose, you have to get it out. It's a toxic poison."

[24:16] "When somebody takes time to invest in themselves, it substantiates value. It sends a message to the brain that says, ``I am worthy."

[32:50] - “These 30-second choices to choose an excellent spirit will transform your thinking and transform the lives of other people. It's very powerful.”

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