S4 Episode 6: Muhi Majzoub from OpenText on the future of information management & cloud


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How does a university project to index the entire Oxford English Dictionary become one of the world’s largest information management companies with revenues of over $3Bn?
To find out I spoke with Muhi Majzoub, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer of OpenText who leads the product development and strategy for the company as well as their transition to the cloud.

Muhi has over 30 years of experience in technology, including 10 years at OpenText, and 16 years at Oracle as VP for Engineering and Application Development. Muhi is coming to us today from California.
In this episode we covered

  • OpenText's origins
  • Innovations that delight
  • Where do the best ideas come from?
  • Sparking ideas with a distributed workforce
  • Muhi's first experience of cloud computing
  • OpenText's journey to the cloud
  • Public vs Private Clouds
  • The benefits of moving to the cloud
  • Keeping the cloud secure
  • Cloud technology + supply chains
  • What's the future of Cloud?
  • Cloud as part of the net-zero solution
  • What is an API Cloud?
  • The different clouds from OpenText
  • How cloud has helped industries over the pandemic
  • The future of information management
  • 3 actionable things around moving to the cloud

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