S2 Episode 8: The Future of Podcasting with Podnews Editor James Cridland


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On this episode, we spoke with James Cridland, Editor of leading podcast news site Podnews.
Podcasting is on the rise, with 96,500 new podcasts in May 2020 alone. In this episode we discussed a number of topics related to podcasting, including:

  • Is Podcasting is on the increase?
  • The half-life of a podcast series
  • Is podcasting the new blogging?
  • How Podnews started
  • Producing a daily podcast and newsletter
  • The future of RSS
  • Apple's dominance in RSS standards
  • Spotify as a competitor
  • Is Google number 3 in Podcasting?
  • Is the Joe Rogan/Spotify deal the first of many?
  • Will we see the rise of "walled gardens"?
  • Apple's dominance with podcast discovery
  • IMDB as a podcast directory?
  • The importance of measurement & monetisation
  • Monetisation beyond advertising
  • The future of corporate podcasting
  • Private corporate podcasting
  • What is the future of podcasting?

Quick fire round

  • Favourite Podcast
  • Favourite podcast app
  • Apple or Spotify?
  • Favourite length of podcast
  • The last podcast you listened to

Three things to take advantage of podcasting

  • Subscribe to Podnews.net
  • Listen to other podcasts
  • Learn how to edit audio

More information on James can be found at jamescridland.net

The podcasts and products mentioned on the podcast are listed below

Podcast Festival - podcastfestival.events

The Bugle Podcast
Freenoter Podcast
Adobe Audition
Hindenberg Journalist Pro

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