S1 Episode 8: The Future of People Management with Dr Lynn Gribble


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In Episode 8 we speak with Dr. Lynn Gribble, who is one of Australia’s founding coaches, an accidental academic and an award-winning author and university lecturer.
She’s known as a digital innovator for her work in technology-enabled academia and she calls herself a “pragmatic futurist coach”. She also helps people to “future proof” their careers in an ever-evolving workplace.
We spoke with Lynn from Sydney, Australia where she lives and works.
We discussed a range of topics relevant to companies of any size including:

  • The future of work is about relationships
  • Do people want to be managed in the digital age?
  • Managing the circumstances not the people
  • Soft vs disciplinary skills
  • We need people to connect people
  • What we can't teach AI to do is make a human connection
  • People are the only truly sustainable competitive advantage
  • What is the future of work?
  • People need to be agile and take ownership of their skills development
  • Flexibility is the key in the gig economy
  • The serviced office of the future
  • The one piece of technology that will drive fundamental change
  • The digital agent
  • Home robots are the hardest workers
  • The receptionist of the future
  • The stigma of retrenchment
  • Managing Millennials
  • What ice skating can teach you
  • What organisations get wrong
  • If you punish risk you will get no innovation
  • Are we addressing ethics in business?
  • The link between risk and ethics
  • What 3 things can you do next week?
  • 1. Build relationships not networks
  • 2. Take a small risk & do something new
  • 3. How can I be kinder & more connected to colleagues?

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