S1 Episode 13: The Future of Content Marketing with Eric Fulwiler


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Great content that cuts through the noise is key in a disrupted B2B world. In this episode of the podcast, I spoke with Eric Fulwiler who recently joined 11:FS - a financial services transformation company as CMO, overseeing their media and marketing teams across the group.

He spent the last 10 years in digital advertising agencies, most recently as UK Managing Director for US-based VaynerMedia - a creative, media, and production agency.

Before agency life, and as a side hustle along the way, he’s worked on and advised numerous start-ups. He’s a frequent speaker and contributor on the state and future of marketing, brand strategy, and digital media.
We discussed a range of topics including:

  • What does the 11 stand for in 11:FS?
  • What does 11FS do?
  • Are you a consultancy or a tech company
  • Digital banking is only 1% finished - what's left to do?
  • How do you differ from the big 4?
  • Disruptive consulting - disrupting the disruptors
  • Using podcasts to attract clients and share knowledge
  • The quality of the content depends on the intent
  • The Rise of UK Fintech movie
  • Handling growth vs innovation
  • Where do the existing banks have an opportunity to change?
  • Will the challengers get scale before the incumbents get innovation?
  • Fintech innovation
  • Natwest Bank's innovation journey
  • What are your largest challenges as a CMO?
  • The promise of Open Banking
  • 3 things for next week around content marketing
  1. Put value at the top of the pyramid
  2. Be iterative and reactive
  3. You need to drive business results

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