S1 Episode 12: The Future of Retail with Julian Fisher


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With the rise and rise of online shopping can the high street survive? To answer this question and others on the future of retail I asked Julian Fisher, CEO of Retail platform Jisp for his expert views.

Julian has enjoyed a varied background in technology, payments and new media, and in 1994 he launched the UK’s first internet exhibition.

Since then his work has remained inexorably linked to the internet and improving sales, payment and issues with compliance together with information solutions for a wide and diverse group of blue-chip companies.
In this episode we discussed:

  • Can the high street be saved from the threat of Amazon?
  • The High street vs the internet
  • What can high street retailers do to prevent extinction?
  • The last Blockbuster on the planet
  • Sainsbury's and Argos
  • The John Lewis online strategy
  • The problem with showrooming
  • Meeting consumer demands in-store
  • John Lewis in-store iPhones
  • The Apple retail experience
  • Removing the pay-desk
  • The John Lewis Partnership model
  • RetailTainment - Retail + Entertainment
  • Today at Apple - why it works so well
  • Why a helpful store assistant will make you buy more
  • How to double transaction revenue
  • How delivery services are disrupting restaurants
  • The delivery channel is not important - it's all business
  • The dark kitchen concept
  • The latest retail innovations
  • Using retail data to create better experiences
  • What will the high street look like in 5-10 years?
  • The role of cash in retail
  • How mobile is key for retail
  • The future retail mix
  • Three practical tips for retailers
  1. Talk to your staff and customers
  2. Be bold & innovative & fail fast
  3. Make your customers the focus

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