S1 Episode 10: The Future of Data with Lauren Walker


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In Episode 10 of the Actionable Futurist® Podcast we speak with Lauren Walker, who at the time of recording was the Chief Operating & Data Officer in EMEA for leading agency Dentsu Aegis. She is now Managing Director at Accenture Interactive.

Lauren joined Dentsu in 2017 from IBM and lead a team of more than 600 people across operations, market research, social science, digital and data science, and engineering. In May 2021 she moved to be Managing Director at Accenture Interactive.

Prior to these roles, she spent a decade at IBM with a raft of senior roles - most recently head of data strategy partnerships for Europe.

Lauren was also director of competitive strategy at Choicepoint, now part of LexisNexis, and spent two years as a special advisor to the Director of the White House in Washington DC.
In this fascinating podcast, we covered the world of data and looked at what's next.
Disclaimer: Lauren's comments are her own and not that of her previous or current employer.
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