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Episode Summary

What Does Highly Efficient Productivity Look Like?

Getting things done at a fervent pace is exhausting and unsustainable, but what if you could be highly productive with less energy and more efficiency?

In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I chat with Arthur Worsley, founder of The Art of Living, about tracking your habits, planning your time, and boosting your ambitious pursuits.


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Gusto [Get 3 Months Free!]
  2. You’re Too Good to Feel This Bad [Book by Nate Dallas]
  3. LinkedIn Talent Solutions [Post a job for free]
  4. Pill Pack [Amazon Prime Members can save on prescription medication when not using insurance and get free 2-Day delivery]
  5. The Art of Living [Arthur’s website]
  6. Tracktion Planner [Planner by Arthur Worsley]


Arthur Worsley

Arthur Worsley studied Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology at Oxford, where he specialized in brain chemistry while moonlighting bar jobs, managing two start-ups, and investing in property.

Arthur now works full-time thinking and writing about learning and living well.

You can see the fruits of those labors on The Art of Living, where he collects the ideas from mentors, colleagues, clients, and hundreds of thinkers and authors.

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